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  • What are your delivery rates?
    Please click the link below to see our delivery pricing guide! Friendly reminder that 20 miles within downtown Pittsburgh is FREE delivery!
  • What if my event is outdoors?
    You will need power & sufficient coverage. We require our items to be covered in the event of inclement weather, and to prevent overheating & damage from the sun. If you do not have coverage for the item, we will provide you with a tent rental to place directly over top of the item. We all know how unpredictable Pittsburgh weather can be... sunshine one minute & rain the next. We appreciate you understanding!
  • How far out should we book your rentals?
    Honestly, the sooner the better! As you know, especially for weddings, vendors are usually secured many months out, if not years. We are already booking into the end of 2024. We recommend reaching out to us as soon as possible!
  • Do you require a deposit for your rentals?
    Yes, we require a 50% deposit upon booking to secure your date. The remaining total is due seven days prior to your event.
  • Do you have free delivery?
    Yes, we sure do! As long as your venue is within 20 miles of downtown Pittsburgh!
  • What is the pricing for your rentals?
    Our pricing varies by product, event type, & run time. Please contact us for more information or refer to the 'Book Online' page for pricing by product.
  • What kind of events do you service?
    Our rentals are great for any type of event! Weddings, showers, anniversary's, birthdays, gender reveal's, graduation parties, fundraisers, fashion shows, corporate events, & so much more! Any event you are hosting, we have you covered!
  • Are you the local Pittsburgh company that specializes in a large variety of audio guestbook phones?!
    Yes, that's us! Our owner is even known as the "phone lady!" We have a variety of colors and styles ranging from silver, rose gold, pink, blue, black, gold, black with gold, & white with gold! You can find more information on them here:
  • What kind of rental items do you offer?
    We are always adding to our inventory! But to name a few popular ones, we have audio guestbooks, a retro mirror photo booth, the Pittsburgh cookie table bridges, digital film cameras, unique seating charts, & more!
  • Do the phones come with instructions for guests?
    Yes! We provide signage with instructions on it, in a vintage frame, so it will be hard for your guests to miss!
  • How do the recordings save?
    As long as your guests hang up the phone after recording their message, it will automatically save. They should hear a faint beep after hanging the phone up. Again, the instructions are clear about this so no need to worry!
  • How will we receive the voicemails?
    Voicemails will be uploaded to a google drive within 24 hours of your event. If you have any issues regarding Google drive, please let us know!
  • At what point do you give the phones to us?
    We will personally deliver your phone to your venue! We ask that we are able to arrive an hour prior to your event starting. In prior conversations, you can let us know where you would like the phone to be placed! We personally make sure that the phone is displayed in a memorable way for your guests!
  • Do the phones need to be plugged in for the event?
    We recommend that you have a place where the phone can be placed, with an outlet nearby. However, our phones are also able to run off of a power bank. We will provide you with both, in case there is an issue.
  • When do you need the phone returned by?
    We will personally come retrieve the phone at the end of your event! We will coordinate time with you prior to your event date.
  • Do you delete any recordings from the phone?
    No! We would never delete any recordings as these will be memories you will cherish forever.
  • What happens if one of our guests damage the phone?
    Prior to the event, you will sign a contract which will discuss the terms when a product is damaged.
  • Do you provide a table or stand for the audio guestbook?
    We do not provide a table or stand for the audio guestbook. You must provide some kind of table for us to set the phone on, then we handle the rest!
  • Where should we NOT display the phone?
    Please try to avoid a space close to where loud music will be playing. This could make it difficult for your guests to hear the dial tone & when to start recording their message. We recommend the phone be near the entrance of the reception. This will help your guests notice the audio guestbook, and it will be far away enough from the music.
  • Do you ship the phones if we are in a different state?
    At this time, we do not plan on shipping the phones. We want it to be a very personable company where we set up and display the phones at your venue!
  • How long do your audio guestbooks record for?
    Our audio guestbooks contain SD cards that are emptied prior to your event. The SD card can hold thousands of recordings. No need to worry about the voicemails ending! Have your guests leave you fun messages all night long!
  • Will the music drown out the audios of guests talking into the phones?
    No, it actually won't. We had a barn wedding and the phone was in the same space as the DJ since barn weddings are technically one large room. You can hear the music in the background, however, it does not affect the quality & volume of the voices. We have attached one of the recordings from the barn wedding so you can listen for yourselves! :)
  • Do you provide display options with the audio guestbook rentals?
    Yes! We have several retro options for you to choose from. Some displays are included, while some are additional. Included upon request: Retro Mini Briefcase White, wooden, pedestals Confetti Box Additional upon request: 1930's London Telephone Booth Replica (Pink OR red) White Telephone Booth These are all based on availability. For some displays, we only have one of each. If your audio guestbook choice is available for your event date, that does not mean the display option of your choice is. Please do not hesitate to book these! The telephone booths are a client favorite & we only have one of each of those currently.
  • Are your telephone booth rentals walk in displays?
    No, our telephone booth are not walk in displays. They are only for the phone to sit on.
  • What kind of telephone booth displays do you have?
    We have three colors so we can match your theme! Pink, red, & white! All are made out of wood. The pink & red are replicas of the 1930's Telephone Booths. They are 2.5 feet tall. You can only display the phones on them. The signage must go on another table near the audio guestbook. The red option has plexiglass windows. The pink has no windows. The pink looks awesome with flowers inside it! Our white telephone booth is much wider than the red & pink option. This option is has glass windows. Flowers look pretty in this one, too! This option can fit the phone & all signage!
  • How clear are the audio recordings?
    Listen up!
  • Do you offer audiograms with the recordings?
    Yes! Once we upload your recordings, we will create an audio gram with a photo of either you & your significant other, or just a photo of the phone you rented. You will be able to listen to the recordings in one single audio file with subtitles. This makes it more enjoyable to listen to. We still do include the single audio files in the google drive, as well.
  • Do you include tables and linens with your cookie table rental?
    At this time, we do not.
  • Can we display cookies & desserts directly on the three sisters bridge?
    Absolutely! It is 28 inches long, 7 inches tall, and 6 inches wide. Feel free to stack cookies on it, too!
  • Can we display cookies & desserts on the vinyl record display stands?
    Absolutely! Just be sure not to cover the skyline that is cut out in the vinyl records so your guests can admire it!
  • Can you display and arrange the cookies for us, too?
    Yes, we'd love to! For an additional flat rate fee we absolutely can!
  • Do you provide the cookies & desserts?
    We unfortunately do not.
  • Will you set up the display stands & signage?
    Yes! Upon delivery we will set everything in place for you so you do not have to worry!
  • Do you come pick up the displays at the end of the evening & do we have to clean them?
    Yes, we will come pick up the displays at the end of the reception. We imagine there will be some cookies left on the displays so we will happily move those for you. We always wear gloves for your safety. No need to worry!
  • Where does the wooden skyline of Pittsburgh go?
    The skyline goes on the back of the cookie table to make your guests really feel like they are here for a PGH Wedding!
  • Why do the vinyl record displays look 'used'?
    Our vinyl record displays were used at one time on a record player! They have marks of history on them, which is why we admire them! They are considered vintage finds. The records are cleaned after each use.
  • What is included in the Vintage & Gold Cookie Display Package?
    Gold Metal Hot Air Ballon Stand Gold Metal Ferris Wheel Stand [2] Gold Metal Spiral Staircase Stand Gold Metal Swing Display 2 Tier Gold Stand 2 Tier Bronze Stand Wood & Acrylic Cookie Signage Gold Geometric Stands [set of 3] Gold Rectangle Plates [6] 14.x 6.5 inch Bronze Rectangle Plates [6] 14.x 6.5 inch Gold Circular Plates [6] 13 inch Silver Circular Plates [6] 13 inch Delivery, Set Up, & Take Down by the Clicksburgh Crew Cookie arrangement not included. Cookies, tables, & linens not included.
  • What is included in the Pittsburgh-Themed Cookie Display Package?
    Pittsburgh Skyline Stand [6.5ft] (2) Three Sisters Bridge [28 in.] Vinyl Record Pgh Skyline Stands [2] Wood & Acrylic PGH Cookie Table Signage Spotlights Confetti Gold or Silver Sequined Backdrop Delivery, Set Up, & Take Down by the Clicksburgh Crew Delivery, Set Up, & Take Down by the Clicksburgh Crew Cookie arrangement not included. Cookies, tables, & linens not included.
  • What is included in the All Inclusive Cookie Display Package?
    Pittsburgh Skyline Stand [6.5ft] (2) Three Sisters Bridge [28 in.] Vinyl Record Pgh Skyline Stands [2] Gold Metal Hot Air Ballon Stand Gold Metal Ferris Wheel Stand [2] Gold Metal Spiral Staircase Stand Gold Metal Swing Display 2 Tier Gold Stand 2 Tier Bronze Stand Wood & Acrylic PGH Cookie Table Signage Gold Geometric Stands [set of 3] Gold Rectangle Plates [6] 14.x 6.5 inch Bronze Rectangle Plates [6] 14.x 6.5 inch Gold Circular Plates [6] 13 inch Silver Circular Plates [6] 13 inch Spotlights Confetti Gold or Silver Sequins Backdrop Delivery, Set Up, & Take Down by the Clicksburgh Crew Cookie arrangement not included. Cookies, tables, & linens not included.
  • Do you have a la carte options?
    Yes, we do! We only provide this service if you are already renting out one of our display packages. If your package does not have the following pieces included, then this is the additional rate we charge. We charge $8.00 per plate, and $15 per stand.
  • Do you take safety precautions when arranging cookies?
    Of course! We wear disposable gloves for your safety. Please inform us ahead of time of nut allergies. We will set up a call to discuss the logistics & to make sure they are separated, labeled, & that separate gloves are used.
  • Do you offer the option of renting the Pittsburgh Cookie Table Bridges out ONLY?
    We sure do! You can book this service on the 'book online' page.
  • What is the purpose of a flower bar?
    A flower bar is great for shower, weddings, or any fun event! The idea behind it is that it's a unique event favor for your guests. Guests will choose their very favorite flowers and create their own bouquet!
  • What is included in the flower bar rental?
    Flower Wall 12 Shimmery White Metal Flower Buckets Mini Golden Watering Can Display Metal Vintage [1950's] Watering Can Ground Display Gold Metal Blackboard Display Sign Up to 32 Flower Box Handbags Included [pink & black] Vintage Style Shears Set up & Delivery by the Clicksburgh Crew
  • Do you provide flowers with the flower bar rental?
    We do not provide flowers with the flower bar rental. We will happily recommend our favorite florists for you!
  • What are the dimensions of the flower bar?
    There are three pieces with the flower bar. They are made out of plywood and all vary in size. The middle piece is 6.5 ft, which is the tallest point. The one side piece is 5.5 ft and the other is 5 ft.
  • What if we need more than 32 flower box handbags and what are the dimensions?
    We will absolutely be able to get you as many as you need! Additional cost varies by the amount you need. 32 boxes are included in the total price of the rental. White boxes are available by request. Dimensions: 6 inch x4 inch x4 inch
  • What if we have too many different flowers and they don't all fit in the buckets?
    We provide a decent sized vintage watering can that you can absolutely put more flowers in! If you still need more room, we will help you work something out!
  • What is a living champagne wall?!
    ClicksBurgh's Vintage Fizz Station is a living champagne wall that will take your cocktail hour to the next level! Ring the vintage doorbell for golden glove service! A levitating hand will pop out & serve you with a glass of bubbly! Not only is our wall great for weddings, but for showers too! This rental is such a conversation piece & your guests will truly feel like they are traveling back in time with the vintage style of it!
  • Why should I rent out a living champagne wall?
    The wall is a great conversation piece for your wedding, shower, or next event. This is a fun additional to a cocktail hour! If you want your guests to remember your Pittsburgh event, then this would be the rental to have!
  • What is included with the living champagne wall rental?
    We included the following... The Hedge Wall The Vintage Doorbell All signage 6 ft Champagne Bottle Cardboard Cutout A pair of elbow length gold gloves
  • Do you provide the champagne?
    We do not. We are a mobile dry bar, which means that we do not provide or serve the alcohol. We also do not provide the drinkware. The client will have to secure either servers from the venue or an outside bartending service. Some venues do prefer that you use their own servers.
  • Do you provide servers?
    No, we do not provide servers for the wall. The rental is solely for the wall. You will need to talk to your venue about using their servers, or using an outside bartending service.
  • Can the wall be placed indoor or outdoors?
    Yes! The wall can be indoors or outdoors to meet your event needs!
  • What if we need to move the wall?
    The wall has wheels attached to the bottom. It can be easily wheeled around and locked into place. We will place the wall where you'd like it upon delivery, however, if it needs moved for any reason it won't be a difficult task.
  • Is there a custom sign option for the wall instead of champagne?
    Yes! Please message us prior to booking. We have some other ideas in the works, too!
  • Can the living champagne wall be customized for holidays?
    Yes! We can provide further decoration to match the holiday. We also plan to provide holiday theme gloves, too!
  • Is the wall freestanding?
    Yes! Our wall is freestanding. No need to lean it against any walls.
  • Is there a real person serving the champagne behind the wall?
    Yes! There is a real server, licensed to serve the champagne. There is a slit in the wall for their hand to travel through in order to serve you some bubbly!
  • Do I need a backdrop with the mirror rental?
    A backdrop will add a creative affect to the photos your guests take. There are four backdrop options. Sparkly silver, sparkly gold, solid black, & a greenery wall. If you are unsure of what backdrops best fits your theme at your event, we are here to help!
  • How big is your backdrop stand?
    Our backdrop stand, that goes directly behind the mirror, is 7.6ft by 10 ft.
  • Do I get to pick my backdrop?
    Absolutely! You can choose the backdrop that matches your event best!
  • Do you offer unlimited prints?
    At this time, we do not offer unlimited prints. You will receive a set number of prints depending one the type of package you choose.
  • Does the retro mirror require electricity?
    Yes, it sure does.
  • What makes Clicks~Burgh Retro Rentals Mirror different from other companies?
    Clicks~Burgh Retro Rentals takes you back in time to retro style. Our booth is so unique from the others. There are so many features that it provides, that others do not. Wheel of Fortune...A Screaming Contest...A Slot Machine, & so much more! The interactions and animations for this mirror are like you have never seen before!
  • Will there be an attendant at the event?
    Yes! The retro mirror provides a lot of games, animations, & interactive features. We have fun & energetic attendants that will be sure you are getting the most out of your retro mirror experience!
  • Can we share the photos captured by the mirror on our personal social media?
    Yes! Our retro mirror has a text and email share option. Feel free to share them with your family & friends on social media! Don't forget to tag us!
  • What if the venue is too dark for the retro mirror to capture photos?
    No need to worry! Our retro mirror has a DSLR camera & a flash attached to the top. We have you covered!
  • Does the retro mirror Photo Booth require Wifi?
    Yes & no. We can operate the mirror via our mobile hotspot without Wifi. However, without wifi, the MMS sharing option will not work. Please let us know prior if your venue has Wifi, so we can prepare and notify you of this.
  • Do you provide props with the Photo Booth rental?
    Of course! What would a Photo Booth be without props?! We have retro inflatables, wedding themed signs, silly sunglasses, & more! & of course we display our props in a 1950's briefcase to match our retro/vintage theme!
  • Why does the pink retro tricycle have scratches & rust on it?
    We found this gem at an antique store. Since it was found and labeled as an antique, it was used at one time many many years ago. We love the history behind the scratches, dents, & rust. It shows that it was appreciated at one time, and now we are here to appreciate it even more!
  • Can you ride on the tricycle ?
    Unfortunately, no. The tricycle is so old that it is fragile and we don't want you to have to deal with any damages.
  • Are the baskets included in the tricycle rental?
    Of course! You have the choice of the white or brown basket. If you'd like both, that is an option as well. The baskets are small so they do not take away from the bike. That being said, if you plan to put large items in the baskets, we recommend a bigger basket. We would be happy to help you find one that best fits your needs!
  • Does the headlight on the tricycle work?
    YES! This was why we were so excited to find this gem. We put a brand new battery in it and it is ready to go! Who would have thought?! It just makes it that much better!
  • What could you put in the basket on the bike?
    The options are endless! But here are a few ideas for you to think about... Flowers Reception Timeline Cards Dinner Menu Cards Sparklers for Send Offs Bubble Wands for Send Offs [or when you walk down the aisle for the first time as newlyweds] Candy Confetti Cones Wedding favors Decor We told you the options were endless!
  • What type of events can you rent the tricycle out for?
    Weddings, showers, birthday parties, photographers for styled shoots, & more! I mean... we would display it in our home if we could.
  • Do the letter board signs come with the tricycle rental?
    Well of course! You can choose between the black letter board or the rainbow letter board- whichever one fits your theme better. We can customize the sign to say whatever you'd like. However, our favorite phrases are, 'We Got Hitched, & Our Love Journey.'! We can do dates, names, & phrases!
  • How tall is the Barbie Box Rental?
    Our barbie box rental is life size standing at 5 ft tall! Perfect for kids and teens! We include a stool with the rental for adults, so you can sit or kneel for the perfect photo.
  • What is all included in the Barbie Box Rental?
    5 ft Box Gold Streamers 2 Cake Time Fun Glasses Mini Wooden Stool Gold Ring to tie balloons around Sandbags by request if event is outdoors.
  • Do you include balloons with the Barbie Box Rental?
    No we unfortunately do not, but we are happy to provide our favorite balloon artists!
  • What is the barbie box rental made out of and is there a back?
    Materials: Laminated Vinyl, Vinyl, plastic, corrugated plastic The back is completely open.
  • What events could you rent the Barbie Box out for?
    Perfect for girly birthday parties, Barbie movie nights, baby girl showers, & more!
  • Why does the lemonade stand have some imperfections in it?
    Our lemonade stand was handmade, many years ago. We felt that the imperfections on the stand only made the most sense as it shows the history and the nostalgia.
  • Do we have to rent both the lemonade stand and the tricycle together?
    Nope! You can rent these pieces out separately if you'd like. We just thought it was an adorable pair. Price wise, it makes more sense to rent them both out.
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