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Meet your retro & vintage guestbook alternative...

Our phones have been a cherished part of weddings, showers, birthdays, graduation parties, anniversary parties, and various other special occasions.


How It Works...

You basically just rent a smile in retro style...


You choose your favorite
audio guestbook phone.

You'll have the pleasure of chatting with one of our exceptional team members, who will expertly guide you in selecting the ideal phone to complement your event or wedding style and theme. We assist you in selecting a display for your audio guestbook, enhancing your guests' understanding of the concept. We'll then curate a proposal tailored exclusively to your tastes and preferences. We also arrange a personalized voicemail, for your guests to hear when they pick up the phone.


Full-Service: Delivery, Setup, Pickup

Once we finalize the details and set up your personalized voicemail for your guests, we take care of the delivery, setup, and pickup. You won't have to lift a finger. No concerns about figuring out the setup process or dealing with returning it. The Clicksburgh crew has got you covered from start to finish.


Listen to the heartfelt messages your guests have left for you.

After your wedding or event, we supply you with the individual recordings via google drive. Following that, we craft a personalized audiogram featuring a photo of the couple (or whoever you were celebrating), along with their names, date, and subtitles accompanying the recordings. This immersive listening experience is perfect for enjoying with some popcorn & a glass of wine. See an example clip from Chelsae & Matt's audiogram!

Happy Newlyweds
00:00 / 00:12
Bridal Crew
00:00 / 00:06

Take a moment to listen to these authentic recordings to gain a clearer understanding of their functionality and auditory characteristics!

HS Graduation Party
00:00 / 00:17
1st Birthday Party
00:00 / 00:28
Tipsy Wedding Guest
00:00 / 00:17

Displays for Your Audio Guestbook

We strongly advise incorporating a display for your audio guestbook phone. Our team will guide you in choosing one that complements your selected phone perfectly. This addition is crucial as guests may perceive the phone alone as just another item on a table. Based on our real-life experiences, we've observed that having a display significantly increases the number of recordings.

Introducing Our Collection

All of our phones are uniquely named after legendary singers, reflecting our founder's appreciation for nostalgia. The very first phone in our collection was the 'Sinatra', honoring our founder's favorite singer, Frank Sinatra. This choice holds a special significance, as Sinatra's music brings back cherished memories of her grandfather, evoking a sense of nostalgia and warmth.

The 'Bling Crosby'

Inspired by Bing Crosby.

This detailed, golden, phone will make you feel like you've 'seen a dream walking!' Perfect for a vintage-style wedding, a luxury event, & more!


Pink And Beige Water Color Happy Valenti
Pink And Beige Water Color Happy Valenti

The 'Nat King Gold'

Inspired by Nat King Cole.

This stunning rose gold phone 

will guarantee memories that will be 'unforgettable, near & far.' Perfect for a bridal shower, anniversary, & so much more! 

The 'Silver Davis Jr.'

Inspired by Sammy Davis Jr.

This shiny silver phone is ready to 'mix with love.' Perfect for an elegant wedding, New Years Eve party, & so much more! 

cb0029 3.JPG
Pink And Beige Water Color Happy Valenti

The 'Betty White'

Inspired by Betty White. 'Tonight is the night' you will want to rent out

this vintage white & gold phone. 

Perfect for a bridal shower, wedding & so much more! 

The 'Sinatra'

Inspired by Frank Sinatra.

This beautiful blue phone will 'lead you to blue heaven.' Perfect for a boy baby shower, boy birthday party, or your something blue piece for your special day!

IMG_4450 2.JPG

The Sammy 'Paye' Phone

Inspired by Sammy Kaye. This 1957 Crosley pay phone will have you screaming, 'It's a Great Sensation!' 

Perfect to pair with our walk-in telephone booth & will create that wow factor for any type of event!

Audio Guestbook Phone

The 'Marilyn Monrose'

Inspired by Marilyn Monroe.

This bubble gum pink phone is ready 'to be loved by you!' 

Perfect for a shower, female graduation party, little girl's birthday party, & so much more! 

cb0027 2.JPG


Inspired by the iconic Prince. This charming, golden, phone wants you to 'find a love that's gonna last.' Perfect for New Year's Eve, a vintage wedding, a classy event, & more!

The 'Bennett'

Inspired by Tony Bennett.

This classy phone will say that 'my fate is up to you.' Perfect for a winter wedding, a classy event, & more.

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