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~Digital Film Camera Rentals~

The Digital Experience of Film Photography

An Old Soul's Dream

Digital Film Cameras at Wedding

Relive the vintage and film aesthetic feel of the 80's with our digital film camera rentals. No more waiting for film to develop! WHAT?! YEP!


 our digital point-and-shoot camera captures film-like photos instantly. Incorporate this unique and nostalgic touch to your wedding, shower, or any event that will leave your guests feeling like they stepped back in time. Our camera rentals will make sure you capture all the precious moments of your special day. Keep scrolling for ideas & actual captures from the cameras!


ALL Photos digitally sent within 24 hours of your event. Not only great for weddings but showers, birthday parties, prom, & more!

Bridesmaids Entrance using Digtial Film Cameras

The Flashback Flicks

Bride and Groom Style Camera Rentals for Wedding Day
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